No Follow vs Follow Backlinks Tos

Anyway before i always had this perception of link building where i had to go out and search for them and try to conquer as much land as possible. Start signing up for hundreds of social network websites adding profiles and leaving links back to your site. Or sign up for forums and try to have a conversation with other users and earn a link or two that way.  But my favorite of all times was to read some good topic blogs and leave a comment perhaps a good relevant comment.

All of these ways are good, maybe this way of link building was not proper all the way but if you’re honest and do want to contribute to the topic than i guess it is fine and is not a spam.

But you may ask what is the right way of link building or link generations? Most of the ways to get links back are no-follow and the links that do follow the ones that you buy from Link Building companies and so  is against Google TOS simply because it has an effect on search engines and the way they rank information. And that’s the reason why Google and Matt Cuts take it really serious. They want to present only natural results to a user and the only way to do so is search engines needs to scan all links that are connected to ones website and analyze how credible it is. But if one buys lets say fife hundredth good links to their website than it effects search engines and makes them think all of those links are natural when in reality they are all bought so in the end on the top ten results  instead of credible good content websites we see websites that had basically fooled search engines to get their way to the top sort of speak. That’s the only reason buying links is against Google TOS, they do effect the results they do change top ten most relative sites that pop up when you make a search.

So the question is, how do you gets lots of links that do follow? Links that are not bought? Links that will make Matt Cuts and Google chase what matters hehe lol chase you basically.

Anyways create quality content! Yes you heard it hundred times content is the king! And when you have a great website with a good content a readable and educative content than people that gonna read it will say i like this stuff and they might wanna link to it from blogs or mention it on forums and add a link to their site or so. And that’s the natural way of getting Follow links back to your site. But in the world of internet everyone wants to get to the top and thats why not many do care about Google TOS of Matt Cuts. So decide for your self the way you wanna build your links.

My advice is write quality good content for people and when people will love it search engines will follow as well and as in results you will get constant visitors to your blog or a website plus natural Follow links, some love subscribers and of course page rank from The Boss Google. ;)

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