Today I, me and myself Veto have turned 22 years old.  And to be honest I don’t even know what I want to talk about or writing,  and so i was thinking to write about some kick ass seo tactics or better link building strategy or even just how to perform better on twitter or facebook.

Umm but that’s not what I was thinking today about. When I woke up, I did my usual things like checking out analytics  and had a hard cup of coffee over reading Sacramento bee newspaper plus  I have received calls from people I didn’t expect to hear and that’s when it hit me and  got me thinking.

What made them to call me? or better yet what’s the reason for  me to wait a phone calls from people that truly deep inside don’t care. And it got me to the conclusion that people who care for me I often don’t see, or take for granted and the people I and I’m sure many of you too do try to impress or try to be like or always try to do something for, those are the ones who should not matter in my even your life. After all my birth-day was fun and that’s thanks to my good friends who where there and everyone who called me and wished me the best year and lots of success but what if I would have a bad day and I needed help from the people I would expect some help or even think to receive help but actually will just find that they care less for my problem.

And maybe that’s true why would someone care for my darn problems, but than if that’s the kind of friends I got, than it means the I just  can’t really filter out the people I deals with or hang out, work  or spends time with.

So I’m glad to know that I can filter all the people around that just waste my time and effort and only let the right friends the real kind of friends into my world the people who are there for me during Happy Times and of course during hard times. So think about this for a second, who is your friends and who is your real friends. The kind who stick around after seeing second side of your personality.

Because often specially in Free world of USA it’s all about the money and nothing but the money. People forget real values of friendship and the real friends and trade them for spare change and truly believe greed is good and money is everything.  But by the end of their life’s they are lonely without any one to remember them and its true when someone told me if one has at least three to five good friends or even one best friend than its a lucky man.

And I’m proud to say i  am one of those man and that’s what makes my 22nd birthday so good. This year all about changes and no need to look back.

I want to fish you few simple things:

1.  Do your best in noticing the people that care for you the people we truly take for granted.

2. Help others without wanting something in return.

3. Look beyond the looks and bright smiles, look inside the person souls.

4. Be you’re self and just recognize the natural inner beauty.

5.  Be thankful for what you have.

6. Never regret anything and don’t live in past but act today and that’s when the better future arrives.

7. The more you give the more you receive.

8. Don’t be afraid to take these steps because in front just a better future.

Well I guess this is enough for tonight. All I’m trying to say is just everyone of us have to stop some day and think or  look around where we are and what we truly doing, just to know where we heading.

One day my and your life will flash before our eyes. We all just have to make sure its worth watching. This message is just my thoughts on the paper sort of speak. and to be honest its written for me. Have Good Day and remember each day counts and by just doing right is doing good.

Peace ~ Veto

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