What customers expect from seo?

Ever wonder what some customers expect who never heard about SEO or maybe just knows a little bit about this service? Let’s talk about what customers typically expect from search engine optimization services, and what is really a harsh reality here. Thus, several myths that customer often have.

First. After search engine optimization effect should appear almost instantly! If I see the result on the next day, then you have performed truly a professional service.

Reality: In fact, search engine optimization give effect not earlier than after 1-2 months. This explains the speed of indexing of new sites by obots, and the number of competing sites, and many other nuances. And so for SEO professionals  there are no quick ways to SEO results. Therefore you should not believe those “professionals” who promise you have an obvious effect in a week.

Second. Once the search engine will index my site, I immediately find myself on the top of the first search query page of the search engine. Naturally that’s the case, if the professionals do their job properly.

Reality: Do not forget that every day in the flexible internet network there is a lot of new sites, and therefore the order of sites in the extradition is also changing very rapidly. In addition, your position in search engine depends not only on the amount of your query in the texts, but also on the quality of the site, its ranking. And this can be achieved only with time.

Search engine optimization – one-time service. After it has been done I don’t need to worry about anything else because my site will do everything for me automatically.
Reality: Search engine optimization requires constant updating of content on your site, tracking its technical condition, improving usability. As we have noted, the positions of sites in search engines are updated almost daily. Consequently, there are new sites, resources, where information is constantly updated. Therefore, if you do not monitor the content on your site that will become obsolete very quickly and your site will sink lower and lower and lower in search engine rankings until it disappear in the ocean of sites.

Fourth. Prices tag for search engine optimization is somewhat very high. But on the other hand it does not cost much to submit or register your website with search engine.
Reality: In fact, search engine optimization include not only the registration and submission in search engines, but much more of process stages: preparation of a semantic nucleus, competitor analysis, search engine optimization of texts, internal link stracture, checking the validity of code cross browsers site pages loading speed, quality content, keywords, maintenance etc.  To perform all these steps require different specialists, who spend a lot of time trying to make your site efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the price of seo also includes all the data phases.

So after all what do you expect from a service like search engine optimization?

  • Due to search engine optimization, you will be able to achieve high rankings in search engines for queries that correspond to your company, within a reasonable time.
  • Search engine optimization will increase the flow of the target audience to your resource.
  • Search engine optimization will increase the number of sales, as well as help shape your customers to remember and a positive image of your brand.
  • Search engine optimization will be performed within reasonable time frame to ensure that the result will match the desired goals.
  • Search engine optimization will be conducted at reasonable prices, which will fully justify this service with the quality of the results.

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