Top Word press 3.0 Tips

Blogging is not just for enthusiasts, nowadays everybody wants to have a blog, every business online wants to maintain some kind of a site, blogger or wordpress. Of course  common sense is you want visitors to your blog and perhaps the ones that would stay and come back for more articles and.

Here are some tips for Word press 3.0.

1. Does anybody even uses the default theme on the wordpress anymore? The 3.0 default theme looks better and better than the one before with the blue header but still if you going to start a blog than might as well  make it personal and make it look one of the kind.  So for the start avoid default themes.

2. Better yet find a good web designer who knows what he’s doing in Word Press and have him do the job for you. Other options would be to go with a professional template design. There are few very good companies that do great work. (i like woothemes and Elegant themes)

3. Everybody have to know that logo is the face that represents your website and your business so get something that sticks in the mind of the person. For example; McDonald has a clown or Geico has a Reptile talking. Go with the Custom logo. Get the drift?

4. Make sure your blog has a personality like my friend Elijah says takeoff a business hat. People like to read stuff because the way it’s written and if you can have it nicely and interestingly written than people will come back for more. So have your style of writing.

5. Make sure your audience understand what you’re saying. Have a proper grammar because if you will be writing a post that a farmer going to read you might as well say Internet marketing instead of search engine optimization. Try to look from the prospective of the reader and see if it’s understandable to your audience.

6. The visitors  often go to about us page to read about author. Tell a little bit about yourself that way your visitors will connect better with you and put a picture of your self, the will see your face and it will feel more real to them to read your stuff.

7. Don’t bore your readers so much that they will agree to pay you in order for you to stop. What I mean is keep your articles short and interesting and of course  straight to the point.

8. Make sure you use good catchy headlines that will interest a person who will see that tile on a bookmarking site. And if your headline sounds interesting most likely he will visit your website.

9. Don’t jump from topic to topic, you have all the space in the world. Keep one topic a post. The more you elaborate on that topic the better it is rather than try to cover broader topics within one post.

10. Do something to remember you for. Give something away for free and that will set you apart from others plus you will stand out so people will remember you.

11. Make sure you have a good domain that people can remember. Plus it shows the reader that you are serious in what you do and most likely your stuff is reputable.

12. Make sure you use one of the biggest better hosting companies, usually the biggest ones are the best ones and because if you have a slow hosting and your website loads more than 14 seconds then good luck with having your website being popular.

13. Keep spam out. Enable plug-ins like aksmet or some kind of problem solving captcha. That way all this software that want to post to your blog automatically will not be able to.

14. Have a personal connection with your readers. When they comment, make sure to comment them back. Show your readers you care.

15. Keep everything clean, and categorize all of your topics and posts. So a user can navigate easily.

16.Use comment luv for a better commenting linking

17. Very important to have tags on your blog. Its good for Search Engine Optimization purposes as well as navigation.

18. People who subscribe to newsletter make sure to e-mail them no more than once a month. Give them something free like a offer them a demo or show them a new software or even make them laugh.

19. It’s really important to have a good linking structure on your blog. One of the good ways to improve that is by installing Related Articles Plug-in or SEO Links.

20. Have plug-in to bookmark your website. If people like it but there is a hassle for them to bookmark it, than its bad. You can add buttons to Digg, Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of other. Simply use sociable plug-in

21. Use snippets they are very useful.

22. I would recommend to backup your data once a month at least. If you have a lot at stake I would do it once a week.

23.WordPress updates are very good because often they patch holes and problems in the software so make sure to update that if there is available update version pending.

24. Join a good blog network like Technorati.

25. You know what they say if you have content they will come. Or no, it goes like this. Content is the king. So you can do link building and you can employ all of these tips but if you have no content than all of this is waste of time.

So good luck. Its very simple but you will see great results. Just keep it up, peace.

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