4 Tips on increasing you blog exposure and traffic

This topic is to general  and I could probably talk on and on about increasing blog traffic  and what strategies to use but there is no solid answer on how to do it one way that’s why I’m going to talk about few things we did to increase our blog traffic and rankings. These techniques can work for you and it might not work for the other guy, depends on how to implement it . Often blogger s write how easy it is to generate traffic and make conversions while others say it takes a lot of work and its not that easy. All that I can say is, everyone has different experience and you might not go the route I went.

1. Content is the King so Keep It Unique.

I know you heard that saying thousands of times but fact is, that is truth. If you were to start a new blog consider this, create a personality of your blog and make it either personal or formal. Witch ever way you go as long you keep it interesting and educative people will come and read it. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired or not enough time but that’s when we have to force our self’s into staying over 30 minutes and actually writing that post. That’s the only way you are going to gain a lot of traffic.

2. Promote Trough Social Networks and Article Directories.

Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Stumble upon etc. and start promoting your latest written posts. If you have some friends ask them to dig your post or tweet it. That will help you push your stuff out to the audience. But remember not to spam, people hate when others try to shawl it down their throats. And in long run you will lose credibility, time and traffic.  But most importantly remember this, If you show interest in other people they will start to show interest in you. And that’s exactly what you need, just make the first move.

3. Everyone likes Feeds so why not use it?

You won’t believe how good feeds work so why not submit your new posts to them? Vollkin currently submits its posts to Google feed but there are many other sites you can choose from. When you submitting your feed you helping your blog appear inform of much more users and that results in more traffic. So if you only starting to blog I would really recommend you submit every post into a feed.

4. You want to give your readers a reason to come back.

Many bloggers have successfully accomplished this task. They make sure readers love their posts, understand it and learn from it. Plus occasionally they would offer them something free or a guest post that gets visitors attention to come back. So you can create awareness by giving reader something to look forward. But when you offer your readers something free make sure to keep your word and stay dependable, than not only they will come back for more but they will also attract others  and convert that way.

So there you go keep in mind these tips and try not only to read but go ahead and do it. Test it and see what works for you ;)

~ Veto

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