I’ll come up with something that I like or an idea or a shape that I like and what happen is that kind of idea will be in my mind when I’m working on something for a client.

I believe can change people’s mind, after a while you actually realize that you are being hired to decorate stuff to design to work with colors as long as it looks pretty cool and clients happy and that was the limiting. I  love making things pretty cool,  but I feel like they ought to be cool for a reason.  I am 2.0 Web design fan and getting known as doing one thing is kind of nice because you get lots of work in that one style but on the other hand it’s kind of horrible people think you can’t do anything else.

I’m a Designer, I can draw on a sky and i love the idea of this goal that im striving for cause it keeps the challenge there and perfection is something really no one can ever achieve. So the reason why we do all of that design work is to help businesses solve their problems online. And then they come back afterward and say because of the design you guys did and got our website to the first page of Google (thanks to search engine optimization) we got 45% of increase in sales.

So that makes us feel like you were helping others each day to be successful in their business. This is just a small insparation note to think about things we do. And how our goals and efforts effect others in a good way or not.


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