Ok so  lets talk a bit about selling search engine optimization services and how to do that effectively.  For example how to write fast sale pitch or a quick email describing what you can do for the person.

Many people are fed up with sale letters where they are asked bunch of questions and offered many things that ought to be true, many people feel like that’s spam or a lie off the start.

So the other way to do it is present your self properly! Remember that anyone can buy anything if presented properly so lets say we will present our self’s like a doctor who can fix their headache problems.

So you tell the patient that he needs to take, maybe a  aspiring or something to have headache no more.  This approach works well, specially in SEO by the way this approach will have that person think differently like  “ohh i have headache and this doc can help me”  instead of “ehhh another one, trying to sell me his prescriptions from witch i will probably have even bigger headaches ” anyway you got the point.

When writing seo sales pitch make sure to talk about things like:

What i do: Seo

How it will benefit their business: More traffic to a website, Sales, Exposure

How to make their website perform better: On Search Engines Better Conversions

Where they can learn more: From You Ofcourse lol

Also make sure to write how youre services are the best in town and how you is different from everyone else : Maybe 60 Days Guarantee or Fast Results etc..

And Drop some facts about internet (for example: how many people search online, how much traffic they will get if you will have their site optimized etc…)

And have everything pointing to one most important call to action! And that is to call you or email you back or sign up for you’re guide or what ever as long as the person realizes he needs your services. And remember the more you work on your seo pitch or the more you write sale letters the better you will become.

Good luck! By the way sign up for Vollkin’s Newsletter! We comming out with Cool Seo tools where you can manage all your sites from.

~ Veto

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