For many people perhaps in search engine optimization world  a wordpress name is a new way of website building. Everyone uses it now a days because its easy, fast, flexible, free and many other reasons like secure, has often updates and reliable. And whoever thinks wordpress is useless system, he is most likely just fall off the moon or just simply ignorant individual who will not agree with facts.

Maybe you too came across that kind, but it doesn’t matter. The question here is how to squeeze every drop of SEO from wordpress and conquer quick phrases in search engines. Mostly those would be a long-tail keywords.But that’s not all because you might as swell get  noticed real well in social media ocean and than your blog will get even more spotlight.

Many people can’t understand the purpose of the blog on their website and to fully understand  that website owners have to look at their website/blog from their targeted audience perspective. If users who found your blog pages from search engines and your content is useful to them than no doubt your blogs content will be useful to the search engine itself. Its only a plus to have a news section or a blog on the site.

Of course when you writing content for your news section or a blog i would say there are some suggestions to consider. You should post to a new article when you  have something to say and at the moment its should be common sense but this will ensure you are not boring the visitor to the point where he will agree to pay you like i mentioned in the previous article.

So if you have something interesting to share than write about most likely people will find it interesting as well otherwise don’t waste your time. Many times when blog article is forced to be written usually it lacks creativity of the topic and the whole point of it.

Check this out. I will ask you a question. Did you sleep today? In your mind you already answer it. Why I’m saying this is because i want you to be encouraging your audience to participate in your posts. Ask them questions and when they reply or ask you something make sure to be polite and answer them in timely manner.

Plus its the law of attraction, more people comment the more will come and comment as well. So let the visitor say what he wants even if sometimes its not very positive. That way the conversation will become more interesting and if you respond correctly visitors will respect you more.

Use Google Tools or keyword tool to find some good keywords and write content on those keywords and if your blog optimized good enough than it will rank for those titles and you will generate some good targeted traffic.

Make sure to develop a good link structure on your website. Have the main website to be connected to your blog.  Add a feed link and bookmark buttons maybe a newsletter sign up somewhere would be good too.

Plus having latest blog titles showing up on your home page will ensure that you will receive the most amount of exposure and increase your search engine rankings.

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