Before we jump into the tool and the interface it’s important that we back up and think about what’s Web analytics is really all about. There is dozens of definitions out there but Wikipedia provides one that i really like “Web analytics is the study of online behavior to improve it” and the critical part is here in order to improve its section. We are not just here to look at creating pipe charts and fancy reports we need to find those insides that allow us to take action that actually improve our sites based on those pretty reports. It’s perhaps just as important to realize Web analytics is not.
Web analytics software is like an x-ray machine in this case the patient is your website and the machine is Google analytics the tool will identify what’s going on under the skin of your website just like this tax rate will detect and display the broken bones.

However it won’t end your pain and it won’t ultimately fix your problem, for it that you will need actually someone who can read and interpret the x-ray and perform the analysis necessary to actually take action and in proof this situation. This is why even the best or most expensive Analytics tools still wont do it for you, you still need smart people like yourself with the help of the tool in order to get real improvement.

After work are going to assess the entire situation, we are going to perform triage to figure out which areas need the attention first such as prioritizing the skull. After we address that up apparently maybe by prescribing some drugs to do you with the swelling we move to the next issue but it continued down the line constantly analyzing and adjusting, improving and of course optimizing. Web analytics is the process so set it and forget it is no place here for that.

We first perform the measurement, we apply analysis and learn from what we see and then we take action. Our website constantly changing, our marketing is changing, that tools themselves are changing and the Web is continually changing even the world is ever-changing.

We need to make sure our analytics process is not going to become stale but rather evolve and keep up with those changes in order to ensure our website is performing at it best always. Thanks for reading and please comment we want to know what you think about on this topic ;)

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