Testing with a tool like website Optimizer can have a truly profound impact on your businesses bottom line. Let’s say you have an online campaign driving people to your website to download a trial of your new software product, if that’s your conversion.

And now let’s say you’re able to drive 10,000 people through that website with the marketing budget of $10,000 may be spending money in the paid search market  and your paying a dollar per click. No let’s say that your map site just converts at 1% this means you got 100 people downloading your new product, not too shabby.

But one day your boss knocks on your door and says I want a boost on 50% more downloads. How are you going to do it? Most people most people automatically reply to this question by saying umm well amp up your marketing spend by 50%, okay let’s run with that. Now assuming that there is no diminishing returns that work here and if you can’t buy more traffic.

You amp up your span to $10,000 and now we got 15,000 people on your site. Mission accomplished since you still converting.1% you now have 150 downloads and you don’t your boss proud.

Let’s look at the other route you could’ve gone with the same goal and conversion testing. Let’s say that ran some tests and you improve your conversion rate from 1% to 1.5% and that suggests a half a percentage point you didn’t buy any more traffic so you still got your 10,000 visitors. But at your new conversion rate you still get 150 that’s the same increase only now you got $5000 you save back in your pocket but that’s not the best part.

What would happen if you do both?

Here you can copy or marketing spends so now you have 15,000 visitors to your site.And you test and you would raise your conversion rate to 1.5% and in result you get 225 downloads. The effect is multiplied, now the you converting a larger percentage of even more visitors so remember conversion testing is not a technique to replace your current marketing strategy. It’s a powerful tool we can use to compliment your marketing strategy and its effects can be substantial.

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