Learning The Conversion Lifecycle

Conversion testing often referred to as post-click optimization and that’s essentially what we tried to do.  After visitors have click onto our website we want to optimize the percentage of them that will convert to our goals. Now  it’s often helpful to use the model to describe the anatomy of the website visit.
Step one: Is when we drive visitors to our website, now there is a lot of ways to do this things like organic search engine optimization or SEO,  paid listings, SEM, e-mail marketing,  off-line advertising, affiliate programs you name it and all of these things are intended to get people onto our websites. Now what all of these have in common is that they all have a cost, even free search is not free because we all spending time money and resources to drive traffic to our sites.

Unfortunately lots of those people that we work so hard to get to our site will leave immediately or bounce as we say in analytics language. But we  at least  have opportunity to convince some percentage of the visitors to stick around and see what we have to offer.

During this stage we ask the visitors to consider doing what we want them to do. Stuff like just take a look at the products and maybe even put something in the shopping cart you don’t have to check out just yet.

Isn’t it strange how in the online world that kind of behavior is acceptable? That would never fly in and off-line world. Who would walk up to the cashier with a full cart of groceries and look at the clerk and say you know what,  forget it I’m just not going to deal with this today.

If you’re not an e-commerce site this stage could be just as simple us reading about your service offering and see how to contact you for more details. This would be an example for lead generation scenario but unfortunately lots of people who stick around and let us try to convince them are not going to be convinced they’re going to leave your site probably at this stage.

But here is some good news.

We will have some percentage of people who pulled the trigger and convert or pushed the button and buy your product and so they will fill in and submit your lead form they will sign for your newsletter they will do whatever it is you want them to do. And at this point they have been converted from a visitor to monetize lead or a customer.
The  shaped here is upside down triangle for a reason and  it’s really just a funnel where we loose people every step of the way. Visually you can think of conversion optimization as the process of turning this triangle into more of the square once you  got people onto your website. Our mission is to convince as many of them as possible to actually do what it is we want the to do and this is conversion optimization.

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