One of the good ways to promote for local businesses online is through Google maps. This advertising medium is major element in local Internet marketing (SEO). When someone is searching for local business Google maps pop up above organic listing, this can drive extra traffic to the business but many businesses seem to be over looking ways they can improve to have better results in maps ranking.

I want to share some techniques and tips that you can use to improve your Google local listings and increase your business viability with your local area. Google business listing is different from search engine optimization and pay per click advertising itself from the box it’s actually a box that pops up with seven business names and their phone numbered. Under each name there is URL where searcher can click on.

So if you search for example “Sacramento Limousine” you will see something like the picture below:

So now the other question pops up, how to get on this list and how to be in top seven were your potential visitors can see you.

It’s clear that if you have a business and you want to market it locally at any definite need to sign up for Google local business Centre.

Now I want to talk about optimizing your listing so your traffic increases and visibility plus keeping in line with all of Google policies.

Before you can create your first listing you need to verify you are the owner of the business and you can do that by mail or by phone. Of course by phone if you take you a minute comparing to mail where it will take you five days. Google local business Center will send you a pin which event you will have to input it into the system for verification.

After this you’re advertisement will be live and you can then edit it or update it. You can register for an account at: but make sure to single out all forms required.

Your completion rate is shown at the top right of your screen. When filling out your map listing you can select different kind of preferences that include times your business is open and closed, payment types you accept and pictures or videos of your business or store.

Listing titles and descriptions

When writing your listing make sure to engage the reader and explain all the services that your business provides. Try not to stuff your title and description with bunch of relative keywords keep it natural but also make sure your description has at least one keyword. For description of your listing you are given 200 words limit. It’s also very important to have your main keyword in your title but make it look natural.

Witch categories should use submit your business to

Don’t include more than 5 or 6 category listings for your business that will be more than enough. Start with the most primary categories your potential customers going to search for, all of the remaining categories should describe other services you provide.

By doing these simple things will make sure you showing up on the categories that relevant to your business.

Phone number of your business and address

if you have a physical location of your business make sure to include that into your listing if you have the locations you should have multiple listings. I would also recommend that you shouldn’t include local phone numbers for your listings instead of 1-800 numbers.

If you take these steps most likely you will have more chances in appearing in top results for local search. And if you going to fall the peace guidelines you will have advantage over your local competitors. Of course there are many more factors to take into account which I will be talking about next time. So take a minute and try to go over these steps to ensure your rankings.

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