The desperate quest for uniqueness

If you asked people what a special or unique about their company products or service or their website design or maybe their logo or maybe even sale letter, you you will usually see it raised eyebrows:

Whats special or unique about ferrying someone from A to B in a taxi?
Were hairdressers. We cut hair.

We have all taken a taxi or had out there, many times in our lives, so go ahead and relate a few of astounding experiences you have had us a customer using these two services. You can’t think of even one case where you were amazed? Don’t worry! You’re not the only one!

The next time you sit down on the hairdressers chair just ask yourself the following questions:

What is unique about this hairdressingr salon?
What do they offer that I can’t get elsewhere?
What’s the advantage for me in getting my haircut here?

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