Develop  all of these five attributes of successful person and you will  find yourself moving quickly toward your goal in life.

Thick Skin: You cannot be easily offended or hurt if you want to be successful, and there will always be people who are jealous or entities or ought to bring someone else down just because they are better than them in some way or they do something better than the other person. So keep in mind that you must develop a way to see past that and let it roll off your back like water off ducks back.

Ducks have feathers that are tight and their density acts  like oil -  that way duck is being dry and warm. So when the water cold or otherwise lands on the back of the duck it simply rolls off. Let criticism roll off your back in a similar manner because if you are going to be successful you have your share of criticism so count on it buddy.

Obedience: Although this might seem strange to talk about with adults and not children but it is important to consider that in order to be leader you must first learn how to follow a leader, you must learn the principle of loyalty of a leader if you thinking on lead someone else.

Once you have learned how to obey and to follow directions you can lead others and understand what commands and orders do for your organization and an individual. Consider this: 175 posted CEO of Fortune 500 companies are former US Marines and 27 US presidents served in the military.

And bravery is not courage but you cannot have courage without being brave. Courage is the moral fortitude and spent up for your character and to do the right thing even in the face of adversity.

You have courage to follow through on your vision and it’s on display every day.  I’ll need courage to have the ability to get the most out of your life. when you have the strength of your convictions, find courage to put it into action, you won’t be sorry you did.

Intolerance: Not exactly what you might expect to find in an article about success, that each of us must be intolerant of any numbers of things: intolerant of abuse of injustice of the things that you know are immoral, unethical, or illegal. If there is anything in the world you should be intolerant of, those are some of them I hope you’re on intolerant person in the right way.

Sense of humor: If you don’t have sense of humor, you will fall flat on your face and never be someone who succeeds. A good portion of the road you walk to success is filled with  blockades and potholes. If you come up against one and go down, you must have the ability to laugh at the situation and yourself. If you don’t, you will be angry and bitter about your misfortune and never move past it. Laugh at yourself and what you run up against and you will find your climb to the top is quicker and more enjoyable than you thought it would be.

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