Segmentation is the first step in true lab analysis and we have tons and tons of ways to segment visitors in Google analytics. We will look trough each of these in details throughout the posts. But for now I want to touch on type of segments we will be looking at. One of the most common differentiate that comes to mind when we think of different groups of visitors to our site is where they from. There plenty of ways for us to break down how different users from different parts of the world into output our site. And traffic sources are another critical important segment.

How many conversions came from this morning e-mail blast and how do we compare it to our Facebook campaign.  We also want to out that visitors who do certain things on our website. The traffic segment that completes that is the provision my checkout is certainly different segment then does who came in and immediately hit the back button. And I’d like to know more about what made them have such a different reactions. We will see that we  can analyze the amount of traffic that don’t initially come to mind when we talk about Web analytics.
Such as traffic from newspaper, TV, radio,print campaigns,direct mail and so on. It’s very important to be able to identify and analyze how these segments perform. One of the ways we can segment is buying tent and the keyboard type into search engines can give us some insight into that intent. But variations of similar searches can indicate very different groups of people with different motivations and intentions visiting your site and those keywords can play an important role on our segmentation analysis.

And the depending on that motivation the landing page when you hit and arrive on our website might be very successful or not. And thus the ability to segment by landing page can be quite revealing. If you split testing your ads, and by the way if you are not then you should be, because we want to understand how one segments perform vs another. Even things like what type of browsers you use can shed light on that visit. After all what do you know on the large percentage of Safari users? Mac users right? And Mac users is certainly a different segment, in fact Apple ran an entire campaign focusing just how different that segment is.

But even beyond the operating system know that folks who took the time to install the Firefox or chrome is at least savvy enough to do so and also cared enough about their browsing experience to take the time to customize it versus just to using default like Internet explorer by the way not a big fan. Some times it seems the made it so secure that its hard to use it.

We can also get a port that tell us things like the connection speed screen resolution and other segmentation information that will help us design the site that will be optimized for our user base. See there are many types of segmentation built right into the there are reports and we just scratched the surface as I will write more on this topic there will be only few situations where we don’t utilize the segment of some kind or another.

We are writing series of analytic training. For complete category of posts on Analytic Data and How to use it please visit Analytics Category.

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