How to start up with Local Internet Marketing

Did you know that ninety-four million adults in America searching online every single day that’s just about one-third of the total United States population. Sixty-three percent of those men and women use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to find things they need online. And sixty-four percent of People in America make use of Internet search engines as the major way they search for local businesses.


So given all these numbers, the conclusion is pretty obvious: If a person is actually searching throughout the internet for local products as well as services and your business isn’t displayed on the first page of search results, that customer will almost certainly click with someone else.

That customer could have been and should have been yours. With Internet transactions generating a great deal of business, you probably assume that small business owners and local businesses are already all over the internet. But guess what? They’re not . . . just yet but the numbers growing every day. The U.S. Small Business Administration has reported that of the twenty-four million small businesses it keeps an eye on, only forty-four percent are currently making use of Website pages, search engines and online directories to advertise their products as well as services. And when you remove the top ten or so metropolitan markets, that percentage of current small-business Online advertisers drops just like a stone.

Main point here: A tremendous amount of room remains for a savvy small business owner just like you to make your business presence seemed on the Web. Therefore what can explain this rather unusual situation in which customers are hanging out someplace that small business advertisers aren’t? Unquestionably, one huge reason is that to the majority of people, the idea Internet marketing seems just too complicated and even intimidating.

Best left to the experts, whoever they may be. We’re the first one to admit that Internet marketing can be a pretty complex undertaking. Internet has its own rules, its very own customs and secrets, and most importantly, its own technology. And the latter changes constantly.

What exactly does local really mean?

Strangely enough, defining local as in local business isn’t all that simple. For example, that fast-food franchise just down the road might be affiliated with a multi-national corporation, however at the same time, it’s a long-established part of the town’s business local community, and so is it local or not? We’d say indeed but we want to focus on local private owned businesses that need help the most.

The secret to understanding the complex topic of the Internet – and finding out how to put it to work for your business – is a matter of breaking it into smaller, manageable, digestible chunks. And suddenly, local Internet marketing isn’t all that complicated anymore.

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