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SEO Audits

We like to think of your website as the hull of a ship and the links you develop to that website as the wind in your sail. You need both to go full speed in any targeted direction. An SEO audit ensures your site is receiving the full benefit of your link building strategy, and it also helps identify any potential issues your site may have in the search engines.

What happens during a custom SEO Audit?

During an SEO audit we take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any possible issues—major or minor—that could be dampening your search engine rankings. SEO audits look at, but are not limited to:

  • URL structure/all site domains and subdomains
  • Potential technical issues
  • Potential code issues
  • Potential design implications on SEO efforts
  • Internal linking strategy
  • External linking strategy
  • Site content quality and strategy
  • On page SEO factors
  • Potential crawl issues
  • Potential duplicate content issues
  • “Unique factor” on dynamically driven websites
  • Keyword research and analysis (if requested)
  • Current analytics
  • Blog optimization (if applicable)
  • Current search engine indexing
  • Site architecture
  • Social media presence as it applies to search engine rankings
  • Potential link preservation issues
  • More as needed

The above list includes the basics. If your site has “issues” beyond these, we can assure you that the basics will lead us to them.

Nothing “canned” in Vollkin SEO Audits

With Vollkin, you can rest assured that you won’t get a boiler plate “here’s all the potential SEO issues a site can have” with your company logo slapped at the top. We look at your site to identify your specific issues and tell you the best (in our opinion) ways for your specific website to compensate for or fix them.

Additionally, we don’t run your site through generic software and then send you the report it spits out. All Vollkin site audits are done by hand—with our own eyes and our own brains powering them. Additionally, each SEO audit is personally attended to by our executive staff.


Once your SEO site audit is complete, we will furnish you with a full report—including the details on all discoveries and issues. We will also tell you why a problem exists and provide the solution(s) for you to relay back to your in-house team.

Additionally, after you’ve had a chance to review the report, we’ll provide a one hour call with the members of your team to explain our findings and review any questions you have about our SEO Analysis report.


Every site is different, so it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all price. Prices vary depending on various factors of the site.

Get an SEO Audit of your website

If you’re interested in our SEO consulting services, you can contact us to check our availability and get a free quote. However, because all audits are customized per client, availability is limited.

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